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Hardware and Software Products

Advanced Network Solutions offers a variety of quality and cost-effective products and solutions to meet your needs. Your company’s network and security health are our highest priority and choosing the right hardware and software is the key to this success.

Please feel free to contact us or call 913-906-9201 for a more discussion of your needs.

Product Manufacturers

ANSI offers top of the line Intel servers for our clients. These have the latest designs and reliability that keeps up with current technology.

ANSI uses Sonicwall firewalls to help keep our clients safe.  Sonicwall uses deep packet inspection of internet traffic to keep bad stuff from entering the local network. Intrusion Detection, Gateway Antivirus and Spyware prevention are also used to filter at the gateway

ANSI offer top of the line Layer 2 and 3 network switch solutions for our clients.

ANSI uses UniFi wireless access points to lock down wireless for business use.

ANSI designs, installs, and supports Unifi camera security cameras with onsite and cloud recording.

ANSI offers Voice over IP Phone solutions using state of the art phones and cloud PBX

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